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If you’re ready to start 2015 with a BANG, I’m speaking to YOU!

You'll get all the information, support, coaching & accountability to be ready for massive breakthroughs in 2015!

January through March 2015!


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BONUS: I can only accept a few clients into this program, on a first come - first served basis. So register TODAY! Your program will start at the time you register. This means additional days/weeks of coaching for the same investment.

From: Donna Toothaker, Boston, MA, USA

Dear Entrepreneur,

I used to feel that way, too!

Until…I got the support and coaching I needed to achieve MORE… AND was able to have many more breakthroughs when I had action steps, a strategy, AND accountability.

How did I get this? I invested in a high-level coach, even though I was struggling and my first client only paid me $7/hour (that is true!). That decision changed my entire life, business and financial position, forever.


If I can learn what is required and necessary to create massive success, you can too and I want to show you how.

In my first few years in business:

...I made $119,000 in my 2nd year in business

...I sold retainer packages up to $5,000/month

...I got lots of local press ==>

I built a rock star team that helped me support my clients and allowed me to become the CEO of my company

... I worked with high-level well-known ‘celebrities’ in health/fitness (some of them you KNOW!)

...I was asked to speak as a guest virtual business expert on numerous webinars, teleseminars and events

…I traveled regularly for business and for pleasure! Meeting up with my coaches, mentors, and favorite colleagues  ==>

...I made a difference in the world by supporting others who were making a difference in the world!

And eventually…

I changed my entire business model to a value-based business model and stopped trading hours for dollars

…I started a second business, coaching, earning 6 figures in the first year!!

Are you ready to achieve the success
that you’ve been waiting for?

If yes, I invite you to join me in a customized, high-level, high-energy coaching program!

Introducing "Make Magic and Money!"

What if you had a plan to double (or triple) your income?

What if you knew how to leverage your business for more freedom and ease?

What if you became THE sought-after expert in your field because you finally had a strategy to implement?

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"I have to say, working with Donna is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to date!"

Michele HardimanWhen a colleague of mine told me about Donna, I was a bit apprehensive. These days, everybody claims to be a “coach” or an “expert” in their field and being a small business owner, I find it’s challenging to truly know who’s advice to trust. I have to say, working with Donna is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to date! After scheduling my first coaching session with her, I left feeling energized by her positive demeanor, honest feedback and overall passion for MY business!

Being a small business owner, at times, I feel isolated and overwhelmed by the process of owning a business and the hard decisions that come with growing it! Donna ensured me that I was on the right track and was able to give me such insight, I felt prepared to tackle my challenges the next day with no concern. When we spoke about my issues, she didn’t overwhelm me with long soliloquies about why I should or shouldn’t do something. Instead, she truly listened and offered sound/practical advice to help me troubleshoot the overbearing problem. What seemed overwhelming at the beginning of our conversation, felt manageable by the end! Furthermore, it helps that she has VA experience she can share and apply to her coaching techniques…I loved that she truly understood from experience what I was going through. Not all coaches understand the struggles VA’s or small businesses face.

After working with Donna, I will absolutely continue to use her as a valuable resource…It has been a honor working with her! Moving forward, I will continue to spread the word to all of the skeptics out there, letting them know, she’s the REAL deal.

Thank you, Donna. You are such an asset to our industry.

Michele Hardiman

"I am infinitely appreciative of her authentic, open-hearted, discerning nature and highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!"

Alli Brook

Through Donna’s programs and direct coaching I have come to see that my self-growth and business success are not mutually exclusive, but rather both within my happy reach.

I followed Donna’s ezine and social channels for well over a year, unsure of how she could help me and my business. If you can’t quite put your finger on what you need to move forward, know that Donna will be able to support you in discovering your own unique clarity and direction.

Her programs and coaching blend direct action with self-acceptance – a true balance of yin and yang! I am infinitely appreciative of her authentic, open-hearted, discerning nature and highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!

Alli Brook

Are you ready?

If you love being an entrepreneur, then it’s time you created the business of your dreams!

It goes without saying that you’ll need to learn how to:

effectively market your business

...build a strong team that supports you and your clients

...systemize your business for more productivity and profits

...price your services appropriately and move into the value-based business model

...change your “lack” mindset to a wealth consciousness mindset

...become the CEO of your company and why that's more important than you know

"Donna’s understanding, support and encouragement mean a lot to me."

I was absolutely delighted to be a part of Donna's 6-Week to 6 Figure VA Success Series. I believe Donna is a very popular resource and coach for us VAs because she has walked the walk, is where many of us want to be financially and she's not afraid to be transparent and share her personal stories. Donna's down to earth relatable style, work ethic, patience with those of us who ask many questions, professionalism, drive and experience sealed the deal for me. I wanted and needed meat and potatoes, examples and templates - Donna delivered. I also really enjoyed the live coaching vibe - being part of a group of tremendous ladies who came together, supported and encouraged each other. I believe there is an expected level of respect in Donna's coaching groups as many of us are at the same level so we 'get it. Future Donna clients please know that whether you are a newbie or veteran VA every one of us gets stuck and needs support and encouragement.

I believe it's also important to note that Donna 'gets' us VAs who have chosen to specialize/niche in Executive Assistance. Not a lot of folks in the VA industry do; Donna's understanding, support and encouragement mean a lot to me. I was clueless about how to create packages for this specialty. Donna showed our group examples of other EA VAs packages she helped create. This helped me a lot as I am a visual and audio learner which Donna knew – finding out how her students learn is important to her.

I'm also thankful to Donna for her support of an idea I had been mulling around in my head and heart for months. It is a program very near and dear to my heart but I didn't know if there was a real need for it. Donna listened to the why, asked good questions, assured me that I wasn't crazy and told me there is a large need. She strongly encouraged me to go for it - VA/Client Relationship Coaching was officially launched in May at the IVAA Summit in Portland.

Sue Kramer Harrawood
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance

All of this I’ll be teaching you during our time together.

However -- there’s more to it than this!
You probably even already know some of this.

So why aren’t you as successful and happy as you would like?

bullet   You’re playing TOO small.
bullet   You’re ‘settling’.
bullet   You’re not letting the world know what you offer.
bullet   You’re not taking action.
bullet   You’re not implementing.
bullet   You're not stepping out of the box.
bullet   You're playing IN your comfort zone.

If all it took was learning the “how to,” EVERYONE would be successful. But most aren’t. Because most don't receive the support and accountability along with the "how to"!

If you’re finally ready to create the success you
envisioned when you started your business - -
you’ll want to join me in ...

"Make Magic and Money!"

The 3 Month Private, Personal, One-on-One program is an "All Access, All the Time" Program, and includes:

  • 3 Months of Scheduled Private Coaching = private ONE-ON-ONE coaching calls (30 minutes each, first three weeks of each month) with Donna Toothaker (Access to Donna via brief unscheduled/emergency calls, included!) (Value: $3,500)
  • ONE Full Day Virtual VIP Intensive. We will spend 5 hours on the phone together to map out and plan the next two months (or more). We’ll complete your 2015 marketing plan, revenue projections, action steps and more!  (Value: $1,497)
  • One 1-Hour Strategy Wrap Up. We will get on the phone together near the completion of the program to review the progress made during the program and develop a plan to continue the momentum and success. (Value: $997)
  • Direct, unlimited email access to Donna (using her private email address). Private direct email access to Donna throughout the program. (Value: $2,250)
  • Review of your marketing materials. Planning, reviewing and editing your copywriting for your marketing campaigns. (Value: $3,000)
  • and much, much more!

Note: This private program is an "all access, all the time" highly personalized program in which I will be personally guiding you and supporting you along every step of your journey. You'll get a lot of attention, inspiration and accountability.

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Make Magic and Money

Private Coaching Program

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Please note: You will have complete and direct access to me as your coach with this program. You will be supported throughout the entire three months. And you will accomplish a LOT, more than you ever have in this time period.

I am so excited to work with you and help you see your dreams comes true. Isn't it about time you took action and learned to create the success you want?

Please call or email me personally with any questions you might have before joining at 978.855.6330 or donna@stepitupva.com.


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